The first thing that you need to do to take the best possible fashion portraits is to learn the rule of thirds. The best place for doing this is a fashion photography course in Mumbai. This is a crucial aspect as far as getting your composition right is concerned. The question is how you apply the same. First of all, you need to divide your frame mentally into 9 squares that have the same size. It is very much like the grid that you see in tic tac toe. You would wish to make your composition a balanced one. In that case, you would have to place your subjects at the intersecting points.

Placing your subject at the center

You can always take up one of the various short term photography courses. Here you can learn how to go about these things. It is true that every once in a while you may feel like breaking the laws of photography to get the frame that you are looking for. At times, you can just go ahead and ignore the rule of thirds and place your subject at the center of the frame. If you are able to do it in the right way the style would work the best for fashion portraits, and fashion photography in general.

Creating a counterbalance

When you take a fashion photography course in Mumbai you would know that the central element of fashion photography is creating balance. But, there are times when you have to put your subjects in places where you would not normally place them. In such cases, you can always use a counterbalance to make sure that your composition is a correct one. By counterbalancing you are basically using another element in your frame in order to create a sense of harmony in the composition.

Telling a story

This is an important part of photography and when you take part in one of the various short term photography courses you learn how to do that the right way. In fact, not using a visual narrative in a shot is one of the commonest mistakes that young photographers are bound to make. In fact, if you ever flip through the pages of a fashion magazine you would see that the photos are connected by a central theme as such. There may not be words but there would be visual clues for sure.

Looking for the right background

When you participate in a fashion photography course in Mumbai you learn how to look for the right background for your photo. When you are shooting you should always be aware of the background. This is because your background always plays an important role in your composition. You should not only be concerned with where you should be placing the model. You also need to take into account how the background elements would be affecting the balance in your image. Your style of the composition should always be adaptable with respect to the clothes that your subjects are wearing.

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