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Basic Photography Course For Beginners in Mumbai

Designed for: Absolute newbie with no prior knowledge on how to use the elementary features of the camera, aspiring Photographer, or simply someone who want to take good pictures on their next vacation.
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Professional Advance Photography Course

Designed for: Serious hobbyist, amateurs wanting to take photography as a career, Beginners with preliminary know how of the basic of Photography, a thorough understanding of controls of the camera and how to achieve
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Best Crash Course In Photography

Designed for: People, who want to learn about the equipment and the technology of photography, prefer more practical knowledge (theories applied on location). Want more from their digital cameras than “Auto” mode in limited days to spare.
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Diploma In Wedding & Events Photography

Diploma in Weddings and Events Photography is a complete wedding photography course for people those who want to make a profitable career in wedding photography.
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Why prefer MDPS

✔ Because expensive DSLR is not an answer to all your average photographs
✔ If you own creativity we have the equipments and the experience to shape your future
✔ We understand the needs of every student and ensure individual attention
✔ Learn photography in the practical way of field trips and demonstrations or
✔ The traditional ways such as classroom lectures, slideshows
✔ Interactive guests and critique sessions to give direction to your creativity
✔ Yes, we share a Digital SLR with you to help you learn in the courses if you don’t own one.
✔ Extended free support after the completion of your course
All the courses are certificate courses.
We provide the Equipments free of cost during the time of course

To ensure personal attention not more than 15 students per batch.

We Are Here To Guide You
A great mind once said, “You cannot depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus”. Apply the same code to Photography and look no further. It does not matter if you own a DSLR or not if your photographs are not as beautiful as imagined then there are chances you need to upgrade your photography skills than camera. Master’s Digital Photography School is ISO 9001: 2008 certified, Mumbai based photography institution in Dadar recognized to provide photography courses with the right techniques, ideas and challenges that will help you become a better photographer. A wide range of courses at an affordable fees & weekend classes at MDPS, will not only help you to learn the technicalities of photography but will also guide you to put your training to use immediately and effectively. We are committed to provide you the finest of what The Art of Photography has to offer in Mumbai to keep pace with the changing world of photography.

Dharmesh Sachde | TEDxHRCollege


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