Colorful Sunsets can be seen anywhere and we will help you photograph them better
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The twilight hues, beautiful reds, oranges, the pinks and the purples of the sunset has attracted everyone of us at one time or the other and have compelled us to photograph the scene
Master’s Digital Photography School shares some tips to help you shoot spectacular sunsets
Invest some time in research: Do some research to find out what time the sun sets in the area you are going to visit and reach the location early. This will not only give you an opportunity to capture the beauty of colors but will also help you find a vantage point to enhance your composition
Include foreground to scale: Search for a promising foreground. Having a foreground will add depth to the photograph. If you are photographing at beach or pond the sun will cast wonderful reflections; include that into you picture to make your shot more meaningful and interesting.
Composition is one of the major aspects in photograph. Make sure that the horizon is not into the center of the frame. A wonderful landscape in the foreground with clouds into the picture and the sunset is also an interesting picture. Also some sort of silhouette (eg. Trees, Boats, Monuments, people, etc.) into the shot can help you add interest to the picture
Always use a tripod to photograph a sunset. Sunset is dealing with low light condition which means you will have to have something that avoids camerashake for you. Use of tripod also permits you to experiment long exposures and go further creative in your photography
Technical experimentations: You can try changing the angle of view varying the focal length, Exposure Bracketing, changing white balance presets and HDR
Wishing you good luck in all your shoots and experiments we say good bye, with a promise to see you again with more updates and tips
Happy Shooting!!!
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