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MDPS (Master’s Digital Photography School) is proud to present its very first blog in our continuous blog series. In this ongoing journey of learning photography, students often hit many curves so we thought of extending a little more towards the enthusiasts. This opportunity wouldn’t have come at a better time to everyone when the festive season is just around the corner.

If festivals won’t get photographers heart racing with joy, then I don’t know what will. When we are bogged down the entire year looking for ideas to photograph, the festivals come to us with infinite ideas and possibilities, a chance to apply what has been taught in different photography courses. But before we go to the celebration part, the obvious always goes unnoticed.

We are talking about the rains; the monsoon is so diverse in the Mumbai suburbs. It may be a little rugged at Marine Drive but the same can’t be said if one has ever visited Aarey Milk Colony, National Park and many such unrestricted areas can be great places for experiment where greenery still has its address intact. To arrange a photo tour near Mumbai and witness the nature is a very lucrative thing for those who can take out time from the busy schedule but those who, for whatever reason have to limit their adventures; can it get more exciting than this? Just go about gallivanting within the city and come home with priceless captures.

Ante up the game- The trial and error of the monsoon photography will turn you into a tried and tested photographer and you will be roaring to take on any challenge coming your way. Like we mentioned the festivals are just knocking our doors, the opportunities you have are abundance.

This independent day you have a right to shoot, so what if you did not get an invitation at the Red Fort, What better day to visit your school than the Independence Day? Start photographing with the local parade till the Lal Qila is happening. With the pride of capturing a tricolor hoisting, a journey to the memory lane is always a bonus.

What follows later is Gokul Ashtami or Dahi Handi, India’s answer to Egypt! There can’t be better pyramids-humans combos found, or we would like to believe so. With every nook and cranny of Mumbai having completely unique euphoria, one is spoilt for choices. This is an opportunity to let your journalistic instinct take over and apply photographic techniques likes Zooming, Freezing actions, etc. But also remember there would be huge crowd all over and may be pushing, making it difficult for you to frame. Use of zoom lens recommended. One should keep in mind the safety of the equipment otherwise the water splash coming from all the possible sides will soon turn from Govinda to Good Bye to your camera.

Where in both the events above mentioned you might have to restrict your photographic skills to portraits, street photography, action etc. But the canvas will be wide open on the 19th Aug- It’s the World Photography Day. Also, it happened to be a very auspicious one if you haven’t laid hands on your camera for a long time.

There is no lack of subjects if we attempt to mirror our surroundings in an artistic way through our lens. We urge you to get into the mode of taking pictures, you may or may not create a masterpiece at once. It’s not as much about producing a flawless image as it’s about practicing because if at all anything is going to make you impeccable and confident in your photography it is practice, falling down, making mistakes but try and avoid to make the same mistakes later, using your limited resources to optimum use- be it equipments or the sole important factor light.

In God we trust, coming August 29th, we will be witnessing one of the beloved festivals of Maharashtra, Ganesh Chaturthi flooded with lots of photographic opportunities.

Pictures to be photographed can start with making of Lord Ganesha, some unusual representations of the idols, pandals, mesmerizing flower arrangements and the Visarjan day. So with 10 more days in hand, indulge yourself in some experimental things try to distance the cliché and concentrate on what more I can get from the available scenario. Try finding patterns, lines, a rare action moment (who said photography is a work of impatient soul), a portrait or an emotion that can work fantastic in monochrome. A soul searching with your camera is not a bad thing to do and even if you aren’t perfect, he will still forgive you.

Honestly, we have to pull our gears back to parking here cause this is one never ending topic. So till we see you again next time with more celebration coming our way, we wish you good luck in all your shoots and experiments.

The space here is as much of the reader’s as it is ours. Submit your photos at if it sweeps us off our feet, then they will feature in it our blog and picture gallery in the future…Who knows you could be the one to watch for, after it all starts with a small step.

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