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Crash Course In Photography With Same Basic Photography Syllabus

Designed for: People, who want to learn about the equipment and the technology of photography, prefer more practical knowledge (theories applied on location). Want more from their digital cameras than “Auto” mode in Short term.

Take your DSLRs out, come closer to Mother Nature and still be learning and diving into the amazing world of Photography. Along with the introduction to Photography and its fundamentals, learn the nuts and bolts of your camera the most enjoyable way. All your technical, digital and creative queries will be sorted in this course. With getting accustomed to what more your DSLR has to offer, see the whole new world with the brand new eyes.

Topics Covered:
✔ Know your DSLR.
✔ All its features/ modes including shutter, aperture, manual etc. including various types of lenses and flash are covered and elaborated in concentrated days.
✔ Working knowledge on composition and exposure.
✔ Practical Representation of the entire “Basic Course” syllabus is covered and elaborated in concentrated days.
✔ Learn the shooting techniques like panning, freezing etc.
✔ More emphasis on hands-on knowledge

If you don’t own one we have one- A DSLR will be provided to learn during the course

To ensure personal attention not more than 15 students per batch.

Mon to Fri 8.00 am to 1.00 pm
8 Days
Rs. 8650/-
Course Calendar
11th Mar 2020
6th April 2020
20th April 2020
4th May 2020
18th May 2020
25th May 2020
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