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Photography Courses - A Key to Successful Career

If most of the good photographers mesmerize you or by looking at a photograph, you start imagining how that photographer...... Read More

4 Creative Skills For Fashion Photographers

Fashion photography in Mumbai is on the rise! But it's estimated that in the coming years, the photography market will be full of competition. Read More

4 Creative Skills For Fashion Photographers

Fashion photography in Mumbai is on the rise! But it's estimated that in the coming years, the photography market will be full of competition. ...... Read More

Explore the World through your eyes

Photography is an ecstatic art, for it reflects accurately, the actuality of what is captured. The traditional art, that is, painting can be manipulated by interpretational biases...... Read More

How to take better Fashion Portraits - Fashion Photography Course?

The first thing that you need to do to take the best possible fashion portraits is to learn the rule of thirds. The best place for doing this is a fashion photography course in Mumbai. ..... Read More

Explore The New Form Of Art In Fashion Photography with MDPS

If you are planning to pursue your career in photography to the highest level, then it’s important to learn everything about it. Acquiring basic photography knowledge and skills, students can specialize in areas they are most interested in..... Read More

Glimmer your photography via Wedding Photography Courses in Mumbai

If you have decided that you want to do photography as a career, the best way to start it is to get some education. While you can self-train and succeed, the best paying jobs will require you to act like a real professional. ..... Read More

Types Of Photography Courses To Explore Your Career In Photography

When you make up your mind that you want to learn photography, a big question you face is which kind, of course, will be perfect. Photography has always been a vast subject but after the recent introductions of technology, the vastness has increased significantly..... Read More

Turn Your Hobby Into A Successful Career With Top Photography Institute In India

Every person has his own preferences. Some people like to sit at a desk and create awesome spreadsheets all day. On the other hand, some people like to go out and click pictures that last for centuries.... Read More

Boost your career as a wedding photographer with MDPS

Wedding photography is one of the most vibrant areas of photography. This is a great area to specialize in if you love to put a smile on someone’s face on their special day while earning some money. Because of its increasing demandthere are many wedding photography courses that offer... Read More

Photography Courses in Mumbai to increase your skills for trick Photography

One of the first things that most photographers do when they buy a camera is get as creative with it as possible. They would try zooming, adjusting their lenses, shutter control, lighting exposure and panning. It goes without saying that most photography experiments culminate.... Read More

Learn Basic Photography Course In Mumbai - Tips For Excellent Picture Taking

Photography is an interesting and a joyful pursuit, but if you want to turn it from a hobby into a career, it will be best to undertake a course. An ideal location is Mumbai, and that is where we are based. It will be ideal to study with us – the Mumbai Digital Photography School, as not only do we have.... Read More

Learn Photography from India’s Best Professional Photography Institute- MDPS

Nowadays, photography services are always in demand. Everything from top brands, news companies, and bloggers require photographs for their content.... Read More

MDPS - Choosing Right Photography Course In Mumbai Can Give You Better Career Opportunity.

We live in an age where technology is very important to us. This is mainly because it has allowed for different aspects of our lives to be improved significantly. The same can be said about photography;an art that has... Read More

MDPS - Understanding The Importance of Photography Crash Course In Mumbai

Photography is an art and many individuals have placed this as a laid-back profession but seriously speaking have you ever wondered how often do we need photographers in our life? Most often than not, its obvious we need for numerous occasions. Photography can be taken over as a full time profession provided you could dedicate your time and efforts in building your skills.... Read More

Photography crash course - Exclusive Qualities That Create Some of the Best Photography Experts

If you want to learn how to capture high quality photos, you can take a photography crash course. Taking this course is ideal if you are disappointed about capturing dull, lifeless photos. After receiving instruction from passionate and friendly instructors at Masters Digital Photography School, you will be a step closer to capturing the professional quality..... Read More

MDPS - The Best Photography institute in India to develop photography Skills and Creativity

Photography is a skill that is not as easy to learn as it looks. It is a skill that takes years to learn and needs continuous practice if you are to maintain the skill. Having a good digital camera has been never enough to become a good photographer. A good photographer will always be found learning something new. With the advancements in technology cameras have become better too. New features have been added to them and this means that these features have to be learned as well....... Read More

MDPS Crash course - Exclusive Qualities that create some of the Best Photography Experts

Are you planning to be a Best Photography Expert? Do you like to be in the limelight of fashion photography and earn a name for yourself with your unique photos? Then MDPS crash course is just for you. It is actually well-designed for aspirants who wish to learn regarding various advanced equipment and the latest technology of photography...... Read More

Learn The Latest Photography Techniques For Wedding Photography In Diploma In Wedding & Events Photography Course

Professional Photography Course is a creative study, which is also categorized under the fine arts. If you are creative or imaginative and like capturing the moments surrounding you, pursuing a career in wedding and event photography is a good idea. You can pursue this career by enrolling in a good institute of photography such as the....... Read More

Learn The Art of Photography With Reliable Photography Courses – MDPS

Even if it's perhaps an underestimated form of art, photography is still in an uprise when it comes to the lovers of this little hobby. We might call it a hobby, but taking good photos can certainly pay off for those who are good at it. Still, being a professional and a good photographer demands a lot of discipline and sacrifice....... Read More

Capture Your Memories with Digital Photography - MDPS

Photography has been a part of our history over the last centuries. Pictures can nowadays be seen in newspapers and publications of every kind. The history of photography started around the 1800’s when first pictures were able to be captured on film and developed in a paper. Since then, as technology advanced, film cameras were replaced by digital ones...... Read More

Embrace Your Future By Choosing The Right photography Institute in Mumbai

Nowadays everyone has a digital camera, a fact which, generally speaking, makes all of us photography enthusiasts. Whether we use them for selfies, or as tools to serve out favorite hobby and past time activity, digital cameras are presently our favorite shiny toys...... Read More

MDPS Photography School in Mumbai: Best Way to Start Your Career

Today’s young generation is bold enough to choose their passion as their career. Even a decade earlier, people used to think twice before becoming a photographer. But today, youth choose photography field, sighting exceptional opportunity to earn both name and fame in this field. Photography is a....... Read More

Enhance Your Photography Skills with MDPS Photography Institute in Mumbai

Photography means painting with lights. Thus, photography is not just all about clicking random snaps, it is an art and you need to master your skills to learn the art. With the reduced prices of DSLR cameras, many people....... Read More

MDPS – Your guide in learning photography

Do you love clicking pictures and are also passionate about it, but still unsure about which way to go to pursue a career in photography? Then Master’s Digital Photography School (MDPS) ISO9001: 2008 certified, is one such place where you can collect all the necessary information related to photography....... Read More

Get the right photography training you want with MDPS

Based in the heart of the dream city – Mumbai, Master’s Digital Photography School (MDPS) aspires to produce a platform not only for professional photographers but also for amateurs to spread achieved information and contribute their inputs for refining photography further....... Read More

Learn Fashion photography with one of leading photography institute in India – MDPS

Fashion Photography refers to displaying clothing and other fashion items which is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines. Over time, it has developed its own esthetic in which the clothes and fashions are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories....... Read More

Photography Tips

The twilight hues, beautiful reds, oranges, the pinks and the purples of the sunset has attracted everyone of us at one time or the other and have compelled us to photograph the scene Master’s Digital Photography School shares some tips to help you shoot spectacular sunsets....... Read More


MDPS (Master’s Digital Photography School) is proud to present its very first blog in our continuous blog series. In this ongoing journey of learning photography, students often hit many curves so we thought of extending a little more towards the enthusiasts....... Read More

Why learn Photography

Now enrich your capturing skills with one of the best photography courses provider – MDPS. Ever felt that crave in your heart to give a normal image or picture a creative touch with just a tool called camera....... Read More
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