Professional Advance Photography Course

This advance photography course is designed for Serious hobbyist, amateurs wanting to take photography as a career, Beginners with preliminary
know-how of the basic of Photography, a thorough understanding of controls of the camera and how to achieve creatively
correct exposure. Have taken up Basic Photography Course, Foundation Course or Crash Course earlier.


Two Months



will be provided during the course if you don’t have one




Batch Strength

12 Students

It’s time to go from taking snaps to understanding Photography as you may be familiar with that an Art can never be taught. These professional photography courses in Mumbai course are based on the hands-on approach to photography which makes you confident in your shoots. The next level of learning deals with various topics like advanced exposure techniques, studio lighting, night photography, functions of the camera, etc. which will help you to grow as a professional photographer. Widen your area of expertise with the “Meet a Photographer” session where a professional shares his ideas and vision.

This carefully laid out course from the MDPS- professional photography institute in India with the perfect blend of theory and practicals, having indoors and on-location shoots will challenge the photographer in you and tap your inner artistic skills with the guidance of Professional Photographers.

The course aims to make you thorough in digital photography to enable you to start working professionally.

Topics Covered

The theory and practical syllabus for the basic photography course is as under

Basic Photography course run-through

Advanced exposure techniques like Exposure
Bracketing, Exposure Compensation, etc. to help you shoot in extreme lighting conditions.

Achieving Correct Colours in Photographs
Colour theory of light, Whitebalance & custom white balance to remove
the cast from the pictures and get true to life colors, creative use of colors in photography

HDR Imaging
Understanding Dynamic Range, shooting for HDR and post-processing it, to get wonderful photographs

Panorama, time-lapse and Multiple Exposure
Shooting for panorama, time-lapse using intervalometer, and also processing them in photoshop.

Photography is Fun
when you know how to shoot Bokeh and do Light Painting Photography

Mastering your equipment
get to know your gear, all-important menu settings, functions of the buttons on your camera. Various digital formats like RAW, JPEG, TIFF

Filters in Digital Photography
the digital technology has replaced most of the filters in photography but there are some which remain irreplaceable.

Portraiture and Studio Lighting
Detailed knowledge of studio lighting – optimum use of the light modifiers like an umbrella, softbox, snoot etc.

Night Photography
Choose a suitable tripod for your camera, long exposures, night portraits and cityscapes.

Product Photography for E-Commerce
Shooting products against white background

Add ons
Macro Photography
Develop PORTFOLIO for presentation to clients

There will be 2 field trips in the course and 2 Indoor Studio Lighting Sessions

Course Information

DURATION : Two Months
( Monday to Friday ) :
Morning Batch 8:30 am to 10:00 am
Mid Morning Batch 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Afternoon Batch 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
WEEKEND BATCH : Sat & Sun 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Mid Morning Batch :  11th March 24
Afternoon Batch : 18th March 24
Weekend Batch : 16th March 24
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