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Based in the heart of the dream city – Mumbai. MDPS aspires to produce a platform not only for professional photographers but also for amateurs to spread achieved information and contribute their inputs for refining photography further.

In photography courses at MDPS. We occupy minimum number of students in session so that personal attention can be given to each and every one of them. The methodology includes combination of lectures, slideshows as well as indoor and outdoor photo shoots.

Also, our interactive and critique session conducted by special guests that helps to increase depth knowledge in particular Topics. Besides this, the feedback given by our team of experts will not only help you improve your skills but make sure that you become an impressive photographer than the average ones.

Owing a DSLR is not enough; you also need to know its functions and uses better, in order to capture an excellent photograph. The best part about our institute is that you can learn photography with us even if you do not own a Digital SLR because we share one with you to help you learn in the courses.

MDPS offers the best photography courses in Mumbai The institution beasts of producing some of the most talented and reputed photographers for different industries. It offers modernized infrastructure for learning, among with an experienced team of faculty who can provide deep insight and knowledge on photography to the students. At MDPS, you will start as an amateur, and you will finish your course being a professional.

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