Fashion photography has become a popular art form. With the rise of the internet and social media, more people are getting into fashion photography courses, especially in Mumbai. But when it comes to taking effective fashion shots, it is not as easy as it seems. This blog post will look at five simple hacks a fashion photographer needs to know.


Short Depth Focus

To use a short depth of focus while photographing. This technique draws the viewer’s attention to the focus point of the picture while blurring the rest of the image. If you want to accomplish this impression, you might consider filming in an urban setting with lots of props available. Try constructing a photo in motion to make the backdrop look less and more appealing.


The Correct Use of Natural Light

The vital fashion photography hack is the proper use of natural light. The fact that it is one of the most significant components of your job may seem at first glance. Shooting in RAW or natural sunlight is an excellent place to start since it provides the most acceptable editing options and enables you to recover data if needed. This will ensure that the portraits you capture are as excellent as they possibly can be!


Choose the Right Background

Constructing a setting is a necessary fashion photography hack. The use of a background that has enough free space will assist you in avoiding having to trim the shot or shoot a large number of photos. Also, find a location with a natural vibe that is not too crowded. Changing places to get new viewpoints might assist you in capturing the most remarkable photographs.


Usage of Lighting Effects

Learn how to take advantage of lighting effects. When doing fashion photography, it is essential to be conscious of the lighting circumstances around your subject. Shadows are minimised in high-key lighting, but regulated shadows are required in low-key lighting. If you’re working in a studio, you may want to experiment with studio lighting.


Knowledge About Camera Tools

To take better fashion shots, you must be familiar with the camera’s tools and how to use them. This will allow you to be more creative with your post-processing. Furthermore, you should exit Auto mode and go to Manual mode to prevent having your photos unnecessarily altered after taking them. When it comes to generating beautiful fashion photos, your camera’s shutter speed ISO is critical. Never use a shutter speed quicker than half an inch while taking photographs. You need to have deep knowledge about all the camera tools that will help you get an amazing photograph.


Final Thoughts!

As a former photographer, you need to understand the laws of composition and look for fashion photography courses. Having the ability to alter the lighting conditions is essential.

MDPS  fashion photography courses will teach you how to organise, conceptualise, and execute photoshoots. We help our students learn about the value of light and utilise it to create expressive and dramatic pictures. And along with that, the course also gives an in-depth understanding of the technical characteristics of the camera.

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